JLR Global Auto Shows

Anthem again worked with brand experience Avantgarde to deliver this outstanding creative vision to dramatically reposition Jaguar Land Rover’s Global Auto Show presence. In supporting the client’s re-imagination of modern luxury Avantgarde’s creative team developed an artistic expression of the Jaguar and Land Rover brands designing a limitless and extraordinary experience that moved visitors.

This was a vision of simplicity, lightness and transparency reflecting the client’s desire for refinement, choice and personalisation with a digital experience at the heart of the design.

Sustainability was core to the design language with a modular system allowing the elements to be utilised and re-used across China auto shows throughout a 3 year period.


Jaguar Land Rover for Avantgarde



What we did

  • We provided the overall project management function overseeing an international and remotely located team of architects, immersive technology experts, digital content developers and creatives

  • We oversaw the evolution of the original pitch design to reflect changes in client direction

  • We managed artistic input into the creative look and feel of the screen design working with renowned digital artists Field

  • We oversaw all design management functions producing design and style guidelines for the client and local teams

  • We liaised with the local team in China to plan the build and physical delivery