Anthem were proud to be asked by Avantgarde, one of Europe’s leading brand experience agencies, to coordinate this stunning and innovative concept.

We were tasked with bringing to life renowned artist Es Devlin’s hugely ambitious vision – an imposing, illuminated sculptural ‘message to space’. Inspired by one of Stephen Hawking’s final projects, ‘Breakthrough Message’, the Pavilion invites you to consider what message we would communicate as a planet should we one day encounter other civilisations in space.

To bring the Collective Message to life, visitors will be invited to donate a word they feel describes humanity or life on Earth. From these words an algorithm will generate poetic couplets which will combine to build one unified collective message projected onto screens built into the facade.

The building itself is split into two distinct areas – the ‘cone’ which houses an exhibition maze, the message donation opportunity and the soundscape experience and the ‘wedge’, which contains the event space, meetings rooms, bars and restaurant areas.

As well as managing the design of the physical structure we also worked with a team of world leading content designers and machine learning specialists to develop a ground-breaking and remarkable visitor experience.

View pavilion fly through


Avantgarde for the Department of International Trade, UK Government


Dubai, UAE

What we did

  • We provided the overall project management function coordinating a complex mix of globally renowned creatives, designers, architects and engineers
  • We worked closely with an extended government client team and their support agencies and contractors to deliver the physical structure
  • Managed a multi million £ budget in a complex multiple stakeholder environment
  • Oversaw the development and delivery of pavilion content – algorithm, AI and system planning, digital experience, screen content design